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“School Is The Path, Not The Point”

It is my pleasure to welcome you to BTHS community. It is a school where we are deeply committed to ensuring that every day every student has the attention and care of our professional staff. We work to foster a school environment that is supportive and encouraging for both children and parents.

At BTHS, we want to provide an exemplary educational experience that nurtures through a challenging program. Not only do our students demonstrate excellent progress in academics, they also become grounded in the important qualities of integrity, leadership, and true compassion for other indivisuals.

Mr. K.V.Brahmam,

“The culture of a good independent school is the special creation of its founders, leaders, faculty and parents.”

We are devoted to help our students achieve their potential across a wide range of intellectual, artistic and personal interests that they may have. It is the responsibilities of the elders to pass on the values to growing ones. It is the duty of the educational institutions to shape up the pupils. To achieve all these, we all must have a commitment, vision and goal to move ahead. I encourage you to explore our programs and trust us in shaping your child for the future.


“Arise, Awake, Set Your Future And Reach The Goal”

Student’s today are individuals with feelings of self-respect, sensitivity, responsibilities and compassion. We need to recognize, appreciate, applaud and encourage the fine blend of sensibilities in a child. School life must be a quest for a meaning that goes far beyond the limitations of conventional curricula, text books and standardized examinations so that when the students exits the school they are secure in their abilities, strong in their principles and confident enough to face challenges in the outside environment. We strive to provide an education that is value based.

Mr. G. Raja Gopala Naidu,

The school attains its eminence in the first place through the achievement of children. Our teaching staff contributes substantially with their diligence and hard work in imparting the knowledge with the state of art techniques and methodologies. We are very enthusiastic to face the upcoming challenges in the interest of holistic development of a student. All these, I believe would spur higher growth and enterprise in a child.

“The Function Of Education Is To Teach One To Make Think Intensively And To Think Critically. Intelligence Plus Character - That Is The True Goal Of Education”

Stepping in to the 15th academic year – the vision of Brahmam Talent School to groom students through a holistic learning can only be achieved, only if all the stake holders namely School, Parents and Students relentlessly strive towards attaining it.

Ms. N. Lilly Elizabeth,

Learning at Brahmam Talent School is surely an enjoyable experience. Along with academic achievements, it provides avenues for personal growth & development assisted by a team of well qualified and devoted faculty members with resource and experience that embarks them on their quest to attain knowledge and aids them to be responsible and mature individuals. Frost once said, “There are miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep …. I too feel that the school needs to still go miles ahead and never stop for a breather.

Children at Brahmam will leave school uniquely empowered by the school’s philosophy of education to lead life to the fullest and be the very best they can be. Hence armed with multiple talents that blossomed in school and values that have stood the course of time and have been imprinted in their minds, our students are made ready to march on. They are the harbingers of a new world order, of amity and of a greener world.

“There are miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep ….”Robert Frost.

I too feel that the school needs to still go miles ahead and we would never stop for a breather.