School Infirmary

The School houses a well-equipped Medical Room accessible during school hours. Skilled professionals are in attendance to ensure that all emergencies are treated with utmost care and attention. A full – time staff nurse is present in the school, keeping in readiness emergency medicines and medical apparatus.

Regular medical checkups are conducted and detailed medical records of students are maintained at regular intervals along with valuable suggestions by the doctors. Students are mentored on the various aspects of diseases (Health Education), first aid, life style, diet management techniques and stress management (aided with Yoga & Meditation). The students are also oriented about the importance of developing immunity.

Art Room

The Art room is a place where children are re engaging in the curriculum with a wide variety of activities. It provides them a secure, comfortable environment in which students are regularly encouraged to reflect, able to know themselves. The expressions in color, form and style find a creative space enabling the students to embellish their aesthetic sense. Be it Drawing, Painting, Motif Work and Fabric Work we find everything happening here.